I love what I do one hundred percent. Part of the thrill is looking for new pieces, whether it be on the web, antique / vintage fairs or charity shops. I get quite excited when we find something special.

Then it is all about research, getting items dated and digging into the history of manufactures. The amount  of information is amazing on the internet , but I also have my two trusty reference books which are invaluable.

Next is taking photos, and getting them good enough for Etsy and other Social media sites. I like doing collages as close ups are very important so potential customers get a clear idea of a piece.

Packing china is all important and that task has to be done with great care.

 I mostly use new boxes, bubble wrap and polysterene chips. Just sometimes I get some material given by local shops. 

The boxes are re- lined with cardboard  to ensure against dents use three layers of bubble wrap and lots of chips around the sides and between the china making sure nothing can move or shift in transit.

I know what it feels like to receive broken china in the post because it has not been packed correctly. I feel so sad that something has lasted for years and with one mistake in packing it gets smashed. 

My mission to my customers is to trust my packing skills and feel confident in me as a seller.