It was a shock to see Easter eggs in my local shop on the 1st of January, these special days may as well be all rolled into one! Apparently, that’s what we want according to retailers. Well, I never asked for Christmas to start so early and Easter to follow so quickly afterwards. My parents just celebrated Easter with small chocolate eggs and a new Easter egg cup for each of us and then the big Sunday roast, we were very happy.  Later on, our uncle started to buy beautiful decorated eggs in boxes, just like a casket. The eggs were full of chocolates. Such a luxurious gift from a famous London store where he worked. I can remember on the way to school there was a fabulous sweet shop that had the most enormous decorated egg in the window. If you purchased a raffle ticket it was a prize worth winning.  

Well, as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. 

Easter Sunday is not only a religious time but a time for bunny rabbits and chicks and eggs and I thought I would just remind you about my stock of vintage Beatrix Potter and Bunnykins gifts. They make lovely keepsakes or christening and birthday gifts . 

You may just want to beat the Easter rush for gifts !!